About Healixa Health

We understand the struggles that patients, independent pharmacies and providers have faced over many years. Our team, collectively, has over a hundred years of experience in the healthcare industry, and we have seen and been through these struggles firsthand.

How we can help

Complicated systems regarding billing, lack of personal service and care, and big corporations have put up barriers for patients, independent pharmacies and healthcare providers. We feel strongly that affordable, comprehensive, quality personal care should be attainable by all, and we are here to do the best we can to provide solutions to many problems that we have identified that currently prohibit this.

Our mission

Is to heal and ease the burden of accessing healthcare through innovative technological solutions and services that benefit all stakeholders, patients, pharmacies, and providers. By applying the latest digital technology, Healixa HC can strengthen partnerships, streamline communications, and simplify processes across the full spectrum of healthcare.

Our Leadership Team


Ian Parker


Chris Galliano

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